Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well today i went and did a quilting course with my mum. It was great fun!!!

They had a basic pattern for us to follow and we just got to choose the coloured pack of fabric that we wanted.. surprise surprise.. i picked Purple and Mum picked Red...
(i'll get a pic of mum's soon)

This is what i made.. I'm so happy with it, i now know what i can do with the fat quaters i bought at the craft show this year...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm sorry

Hey all,

i'm sorry i have been pretty slack with keeping my blog up to date. (Sorry Bec)
I have been beading away and have made lots of stuff. so i will add some more pictures very soon i promise.

Hope everyone is well


Monday, July 16, 2007


Well after i purchased all my beads .. (and i must confess i have bought more and more... i'm addicted. :o) I have been making earrings and am enjoying it more and more.. the brain is finally enjoying what its doing..

Here is some of what i came up with...Sorry about the colour in the pictures, i'll get better ones when i get the chance.

Hope you like them xx

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Wow, what fun i was missing out on... :o)

As i'm one of those impatient people, i had to have them asap. i couldn't wait til late night shopping to get them. I found and just started my shopping list and i got them in 3days. (i have no bead shops near work)

These beads are amazing beautiful colours and i was only more impressed seeing them when they arrived today.

Here is what i got...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I've had lots of birthdays lately so here are some cards i've made..

Oh and Mum's friend had a baby so asked me to make a card for her..

My Shoes

I went to a Vans Shoes Sale a little while ago and found some plain white vans... i got to thinking of making them my own.. so for the bargain price of $29.50 i bought them. i then got some fabric paints in my favourite colours..

As i am a huge fan of hearts and stars.. this became my inspiration.. so i just started drawing..

i think they turned out pretty well... nothing hard or detailed but very me!!!

The beginning...

Well a few months ago "craft" popped into my head and ever since then i can't get enough of it. i've always been into making things and sewing but now i seem to think about it all the time..

So Bec and i went on a craft weekend away and the brain hasn't stopped since then.

I have always liked the idea of Scrapbooking but never got into it, so i start there but changed it slightly and used an old canvas i had. This is what i came up with...